Lost Plate offers food tours in Portland, Oregon that take guests to eat at excellent food in local neighborhoods. The goal is that each guest is able to eat shoulder to shoulder with locals where they can learn about the food and get a taste for the local culture. We do all of this while providing a fun and professional experience that our guests will remember forever.That’s where you come in!

We have already chosen the restaurants, we need you to be the local professional to engage with our guests, educate them on the food they are eating, and guarantee they have an amazing time.

We are looking for someone who…
• Is available for 1-4 evenings per week from 6pm to 10:30pm.
• Speaks English and is confident speaking to groups of up to 10 people.
• A love and passion for food and what it means to the local culture.
• Comfortable following our proven method of superior service that we provide our guests to achieve a perfect tour experience.
• Independent, confident and able to think quickly on your feet to create a positive experience out of unfamiliar situations.

What we do for you…
• Provide individual and intensive training until you are comfortable and confident leading your own tour.
• Offer consistent bonuses for receiving positive feedback.
• You keep 100% of the tips you make during each tour.
• A fun and dynamic environment with regular incentives and activities to show our appreciation to you!

To apply, please:

1. Email your resume to
2. Include your resume and a letter about your favorite foods, why you like them, and where you like to get it. The letter should be composed as an email to a customer who asked you for food recommendations. It should be detailed and written professionally.